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inadvertantly hilarious

I would very much like for someone to submit some information on the darker sides of feederism and some history behind the fat acceptance movement relating to the feederism movement. Hey, I put in some headlines and some external links so you'd just have to fill in the blanks basicly. -- Pontyfresh

Regarding the Movie[edit]

IMDB page for 'Feed' -- apparently it was released in 2005... -- 04:01, 18 July 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]


And although you want the "darker side" to be "exposed," you fail to realize that this article isn't exactly impartial at the moment, and some of the "brighter side" could be added alternatively.

If you don't see my point, go look on the dimensions boards for the reaction to the movie "Feed," which was mainly a sickening outrage at the concept, which is so outrageously uncommon that the existence of its mention in the article is questionable.